Six months have passed since the uprising in city-state of Tyr and the death of its despotic Sorcerer-king, Kalak. The Tablelands are now in a state of unease as a single event could plunge the region into a long bloody conflict or catastrophic collapse. Tyr has become insular as it tries to maintain order after Kalak’s fall; as well as keeping the other sorcerer kings at bay.

In addition the unrest plaguing Athas, the Time of Tribute has come once again..
In this “celebration” the sorcerer-kings demand of goods from their subjects, symbolic of their absolute rule and power. Caravan lanes throughout Athas now bustle with merchants and trader.

In caravan town of Tahkan, it should be a fortunate time…But things could not be more dire. Someone or something has been massacring any outgoing caravans. Now for weeks all forms of merchants, traders, travelers and refugees have been stranded within the town, straining Tahkan’s already tight resources. Without the assistance of the armies of Tyr, The civic leaders have become desperate, sending out a call for adventurers to deal with The menace outside the town’s walls.

Secrets of the Tablelands